Prof. J. P. Verma


Centre for Advanced Studies
Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical education
Shakti Nagar, Gwalior – 474002, M.P. India





Mob. No. 09893161646

Qualifications : MSc(Statistics), PhD, MA(Psychology), MCA
Research Interest : Data Modeling in Sports, Research Designs, Multivariate Analysis with SPSS and Fitness Assessment

Profile : Dr. J.P.Verma is a professor in the Institute and currently working as Director, Centre for Advanced Studies at LNIPE and has experience of more than thirty three years of teaching and research. Centre for Advanced Studies deals with PhD and MPhil programmes in Physical Education of the Institute. Prof. Verma has been working as a professor in the Institute for more than twelve years, and possesses three masters degree; in statistics, psychology and computer application besides PhD degree in the area of Sport Genetics. He has the distinction of holding Ist position in MSc(Statistics) from Kanpur university and Ist position in MA(Psychology) from Jiwaji university Gwalior. Prof. Verma has successfully guided nine PhD candidates and has six books (Published by Wiley, Springer, Tata McGraw and others) in the area of research and statistics in exercise science, health, sports, physical education management and psychology and 34 research papers/articles to his credit. His latest book titled “Repeated Measures Design for Empirical Researchers” is under publication by Wiley, USA(Publication date: June 2015). Prof.Verma has a patent to his credit on FitnessWatch(A fitness assessment and management system for school children and youth). This know-how was validated by the independent body appointed by the LNIPE under the grant of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India. Prof. Verma has acted as an expert for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), New Delhi, on various assignments. He served as an officer on special duty to the Vice Chancellor for two and half years and looked after the Administration, Planning and Implementation. He was a visiting fellow in the University of Sydney in 2002. Prof. Verma had an academic visit in Australia, Poland and Scotland and conducted numerous workshops on research methodology, research designs, multivariate analysis, sports modeling in the area of physical education and sports in many of the foreign and Indian universities.


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