Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh


Assistant Professor
LNIPE, Guwahati






Email: shailsingh29@gmail.com
Mob. No.
+91- 7664023944

Qualifications : BPEd., MPEd., M.Phil., PhD. , Diploma in Coaching (NSNIS)
Research Interest : Sports Psychology, Skill Acquisition, Sports Performance Factors in Team Sports

Profile : Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh is an Assistant Professor in the Institute. Dr. Singh has published many research articles in refereed Journals and presented various research papers in International and National Seminars. The broad intention of his research in physical education and sports performance settings is to not only enhance our understanding of practice, but to also develop research that can be utilised to bring about change in policy development, training and education provision. A former National Player and participated in National and Inter- University in Handball, Cricket and Swimming. He has given coaching to Institute team and also other professional teams and conducted research on them. He has Managing Editor of National Journal of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (NJPESS) and National Referee of HFI.


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