Dr. Indu Bora


Director of Extension Services

Physical Education Pedagogy

L.N.I.P.E, Gwalior
Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical education





Email: indubora9@gmail.com
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Qualifications : M.A.(Eng.Lit.),M.Phil.(Eng.Lit.), Ph.D.(Eng.Lit.)
Research Interest : English Literature , Alternate therapies

Profile : Dr. Indu Bora is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Education Pedagogy and has an experience of teaching English Language and Communication to Under Graduates for more than twenty six years . She was also involved in the teaching of subject like Environmental Studies. Inspite of being a person with literary interests , Dr. Bora is a sports person and a sports enthusiast which has led her to indulge in diverse areas like health & well being of a sports person through alternate therapies due to which she guided few students of Master Degree from LNIPE & Annamalai University in their project work. This interest made her take up few research papers which were presented in National & International Conferences from time to time. She has often been called as a resource person to National Conferences, Workshops ,Orientation & Refresher Courses for lectures on topics like Communicative Skills, Anger Management, Hypnotherapy & Sports Performance etc.
Dr. Bora has been designated with certain administrative duties like, Theory Co-ordinator of the Department, Hostel Wardenship and was also officer on special duty to the Vice Chancellor for two years(Public Relations) . She is actively involved in looking after the Department programmes which benefit the students in enhancing their personality like Literary Society & has been the Master of Ceremony in approximately all the important occasions. She is actively involved in the Internship Programme of Undergraduates & Teaching Skills of theory subjects in the class rooms.

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