Dr. Birendra Jhajharia


Assistant Professor
Dept. of Exercise Physiology
Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical education
Shakti Nagar, Gwalior – 474002, M.P. India




Email: iveeru_13@rediffmail.com
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Qualifications :

MPE, M.Phil, PhD, ICC

Research Interest : Exercise Physiology, Training Theory, Yog and Fitness

Profile : Dr. Birendra jhajharia is an assistant professor in the department of Exercise Physiology of the institute and has a experience of eight years of teaching Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Health Education to the students of Bachelors, Masters and M.Phil in Physical Education. Dr. Jhajharia has Bachelors, Masters, Mphil and PhD in Physical Education from Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior. Dr. Jhajharia is specialized in Basketball and Yog. He also has an International Coaching Diploma in General Conditioning and fitness from Semmelwis University, Budapest, Hungary. He has delivered more than 100 Lectures as Resource person for various Refresher & Orientation programmes of UGC- ASC, KVS, APS, ITS, BSF, PYKKA Courses at LNIPE, Gwalior. Dr. Jhajharia has more than 25 research paper published at national and international conferences, seminar and workshops. He has also completed Minor Research Project Sponsored by UGC.


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